Historically Funny, Hysterically Inaccurate.

Improvised History is a fully improvised comedy show which brings to life famous (and not-so-famous) figures back to life in front of your eyes. We start with a variety of source materials, from a US History textbook to Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States to actual area historians, and then hilarity ensues as the improvisers rewrite that chapter in history with their own (mis)interpretations. Most performances are in the Boston area, but the cast has been known to hitch up the wagons and explore new lands! We also do private events, which are great for making history fun and accessible! Be sure to get in touch if you would like to know where our manifest destiny takes us next.

Show Schedule

June 12th, 202008:30 PMThe Democracy CenterClick Here!

The Democracy Center

Welcome to the 20's

45 Mt. Auburn St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

08:30 PM

We’ve got a corrupt republican government, disconcerting wealth inequality, a liberalizing culture clashing with conservative backlash, and the rise of facism globally - that’s right, it must be the 20’s! Let us entertain you with mid-atlantic accents, probably inaccurate slang, and probably too many scenes set in the back room of a speakeasy. We’ve got it all - labor movements, technological advances, corporate fat cats, and more - and it’s all made up on the spot by a passage the audience selects from a book!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For what ages is your show appropriate?

    Because the show is improvised, we can tailor it to our audience on the fly. Because we are dealing with historical content, generally the show is most entertaining for those who have completed some high school history. Also, because love, lust, anger, and hatred existed in the past as they do today, some scenes can be PG-13 or greater for content. However, if we see kids in the audience, we'll tone it down.

  • What kind of history do you cover?

    We focus primarily on US history because that is most accessible to our audiences and cast, but we have been known to venture into Ancient Rome or the Renaissance.

  • This sounds awesome, can I get involved?

    Sure! We're often looking for guest speakers to inspire our shows. Send us an email or a tweet from the links at the bottom of the page. We also occasionally hold auditions; the best way to find out about those is following us on twitter or facebook.

  • Can I hire you for an event at my school/organization?

    Absolutely! We've done a few private shows in the past and they're always a bunch of fun. If you provide us the venue, we're happy to perform for you for a small fee. Send us an email if you want to discuss specifics.

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